Personal Post | Goals for the Year 2022

I really want to make more of an effort for myself this year to go into things much more purposefully than I have been. I typically do things on a whim, especially with my writing. I’ve had pieces that I’ve worked on on and off for years with the intention of one day finishing them, but this past year has put everything into perspective.

I have had health issues throughout the last year, and my sister had multiple strokes, so the concept of death and mortality took the forefront. I quickly realize that I am not young anymore. I don’t have the time that I used to. I want to achieve more before I die. I know that sounds exceptionally morbid and a bit cliche, but it is something that seems to have just dawned on me.

I have decided to make more of an effort and be more productive this year. The first step is to publicly put out actionable goals for this year to hold myself accountable. As selfish as it sounds, I hope you all will also help keep me accountable, and I will do my best to do the same for you all. Please feel free to share your goals for this year in the comments below, and I will be sure to cheer you on.

  • Write at least 200 words a day, no matter what it is
  • Finish at least one 1st draft for a large novel project
  • Write and submit at least one short story this year (if not more)
  • Publish one blog post a week

I feel these are all doable, and I want to make a concerted effort to achieve all of these. In keeping with accountability, I will be sure to keep you all updated, as well. Please be sure to share your writing goals for the year to help keep each other on track. I know we can do what we set out to do together.

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