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Manhwa Review | Sweet Caress by Keimjae


There will be spoilers for the manhwa series Sweet Caress.

Trigger Warning: Animal abuse, sexual assault, and violence may be discussed as it appears in the manhwa.


Woojin is a shy man. He has a gloomy look, dark black hair covering his eyes, and dark, deep bags under his eyes. As a result, people often avoid him. However, what he lacks in social skills with humans he has in spades with animals. All creatures are inexplicably drawn to him, and he is drawn to them, but in a world full of humans, Woojin is forced to interact. He wears a wig and sunglasses out and about to make it a bit easier.

On the flipside Sangyoon, with the looks of an angel, is incapable of forming relationships with any animal, though he desperately wants to. What is worse is that he owns and operates his own dog cafe and even has a cat-room in the upstairs apartment for the cat he longs to own one day.

During a misunderstanding, Woojin and Sangyoon end up meeting each other. When Sangyoon realizes Woojin can draw in animals of all kinds; he hires him to work at the cafe. There he helps Woojin overcome his inability to communicate with others; all the while, Woojin falls head over heels for Sangyoon.


Let me start by saying that the art is gorgeous, probably some of my favorite art that I have seen in a manhwa. The cover art and banners can sometimes be deceiving, showing the best while the art in the actual comic isn’t all that great, but there is no deception here. The art in the banner is identical to the art you see in the comic itself. As a sucker for a pretty picture, I can’t sing the praises of this enough.

Cover art for Sweet Caress on TappyToon

What’s great about this manhwa, though, is that it not only has excellent art but has a wonderful story to go right along with it. It’s concise and straightforward, with just the right amount of build-up and tension between the two male leads. The plot is short, which is to its advantage. There is not a ton of fluff that confuses the story or distracts from the romance, which is exactly what I want for some lovey-dovey manhwa like this.

I also just have to talk about my precious bean Woojin. He might be my favorite lead character of all time. He is so cute, adorable, sweet, and kind. I think I fell in love with him myself! If you don’t read this for any other reason, Woojin is worth it! Sangyoon is beautiful and sweet in his own right, but it took me time to warm up to him, unlike Woojin, who I was head over heels for almost instantly.

Now, as far as negatives… I don’t know that I can come up with any that are true negatives. The only thing I can come up with is that this is just too short. I wish I could live in the world of Woojin for a bit longer so I could continue to see Woojin and Sangyoon’s romance flourish. Again, though, that is hardly a negative. This is definitely worth reading, and I can’t recommend it enough.


What more is there to say? I love this manhwa so much. It’s beautiful, and the story is well-crafted. It is about as good as short, BL manhwa can get. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves romance, manhwa, BL, or just beautifully crafted comics because this checks all those boxes!

Have you read Sweet Caress? If so, what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Do you not? Let me know, and comment below!

Click here to read it for yourself!

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