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The story for these works was created by AhBin.

Manhwa Review | This Villainess Wants a Divorce! by AhBin

Title: This Villainess Wants a Divorce!
Author: AhBin
Artist: AhBin

This is a good old reincarnation story. A young Korean woman is reincarnated into a novel, and the person she has taken over happens to be the villainess of the story Carnelia Easter. She just so happens to reincarnate right after her marriage to the crown prince Caesar. If the original novel were to play out as it should, she would marry the male lead Caesar under the direction of the empress in an attempt to weaken Caesar’s claim to the throne in favor of her own son. Caesar would eventually go off to war, return a hero, proving that he is worthy of the throne, fall in love with the female lead Gracie Lancaster, who Carnelia tries to get rid of only to cause her own execution resulting in Caesar being free to marry Gracie and to take over as emperor.

Not willing to set herself up to die this time around, she makes a concerted effort to help Caesar thwart his stepmother’s plans as well as grow closer with Caesar. She does her best to ensure Caesar still achieves all of his goals while she cheers him on from the side, in hopes he will grant her an amicable divorce so she can live out the remainder of her days in peace. But unfortunately, not everything goes to plan as Gracie and Caesar don’t seem interested in each other, and Carnelia herself begins to fall in love with the prince instead. As a result, the story starts to change. Will Carnelia be able to keep herself alive in this unpredictable story, or is she destined to die no matter what?

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