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Tag: Author: Lee Gpiee

The story for these works was created by Lee Gpiee.

Manhwa Review | ANTI P.T. by Lee Gpiee

Title: ANTI P.T.
Author: Lee Gpiee
Artist: Lee Gpiee

Param is a perfect employee. He was a special hire at one of the top companies in Korea, one of the youngest employees to be promoted into his position, and he’s an overall likable guy at work. Life doesn’t get much better than this! Unfortunately, though, Param isn’t as perfect as it would seem. He has a secret he’s kept under wraps for quite a long time. Param is actually gay, and he has a crush on his coworkerTaehyun. To top it all off, Param has a terribly sensitive body. It doesn’t take much before he is in a highly awkward situation.

On a day like any other, Param does his best to get through the day without any issues. However, he ends up pinned against his work crush in a crowded elevator. This, of course, results in Param’s typical awkward situation. As soon as he gets the chance, he escapes the elevator and heads to the nearest bathroom to help relieve himself. Along the way, he ends up running into a beefy delinquent. Param is less than polite about the run-in and ends up rubbing the delinquent the wrong way. Unfortunately for Param, he drops his work ID, and when the delinquent follows Param to the restroom to return it, he ends up catching Param in the act.

Thankfully, the chances of ever running into this guy are pretty much nill… right? Wrong. That same day, Param heads down to the company gym to start his new workout routine, only to find that “delinquent” is not actually a delinquent but a personal trainer for the company. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the personal trainer, Hwi, blackmails Param. Either he signs up for classes with Hwi for double the standard rate, or Hwi tells the entire company how much of a perv Param is. With no other choice, Param agrees, but it isn’t long before these workouts go beyond that standard gym routine.

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