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Tag: Author: Ryo Hanada

The story for these works was created by Ryo Hanada.

Manga Review | Devils’ Line by Ryo Hanada

Title: Devils' Line
Author: Ryo Hanada
Artist: Ryo Hanada

There is a hidden group of people called devils. They are humans born with an insatiable hunger for blood – similar to vampires, though they aren’t weak to sunlight. Tsukasa Taira, our female lead, comes face-to-face with this group when her male companion is outed as a devil – a devil serial killer and rapist, in fact, and the person who calls him out? A devil police officer named Yuuki Anzai.

There is an immediate attraction between Yuuki and Tsukasa. But, as their attraction to each other grows, they quickly find that a relationship between a predator and prey isn’t going to be as simple as they might hope. All the while they are dealing with their personal issues, surrounding them is espionage, conspiracy, and worldwide efforts to either empower the devils or stomp them out for good.

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