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These works take place primarily in a bar or feature a bar as a consistent setting.

Manga Review | I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by Suzumaru Minta

Title: I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
Author: Suzumaru Minta
Artist: Suzumaru Minta

Yoshino is nearing his thirties and has never been kissed, much less had sex. He’s not totally innocent, though, as he has been playing solo for a long time now. But it’s just not enough anymore, and with Christmas on the horizon, he’s desperate to experience the real thing at least once before he reaches his lonely thirties. So, after listening in on a conversation between his coworkers, he discovers a gay bar and makes his way over after work on Christmas night, which is also his birthday.

While there, he finds himself pretty popular among all the regulars. This bar is unique, though, with two separate sections, one for platonic drinking and fun. In the back, though, is a place for anyone looking for hookups. Before Yoshino can even make his way back there, a silver-haired young man named Rou jumps up to join him. Rou is charming and relaxed and gives Yoshino all the feelings. It isn’t long before they head upstairs for a steamy night together.

With the deed done, Yoshino assumes that would be the first and last time he’d ever have with Rou. Even as he’s accepted this, though, he can’t help but be drawn back again and again for the warm college kid he shared his first time with. So is this what love is, or is it simply lust?

Manhwa Review | Talk to Me Tenderly by SingSing

Title: Talk to Me Tenderly
Author: SingSing
Artist: SingSing

Gabriel Kee doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. Having graduated without ever confessing to his crush, his best friend Ray, and still in the closet for the most part, he escapes to the military before coming home and taking a dead-end part-time job at a bar. Realizing his life is going nowhere fast, Gabriel decides if he’s going to be alone, he might as well do something with his free time.

So, he buys a special vibrating toy to help stave away the loneliness and his backdoor virginity. Unfortunately, though, the moment he takes his new playmate out for a spin, it dies on him. In the throes of sexual frustration, Gabriel calls the customer support line for the website he purchased from, only to find his lust reignited by a sensual voice on the other end. He ends up doing just fine without the vibrating toy, thanks to the mystery voice man, and finally understands the allure of toys.

However, due to his enthusiastic session, he finds that his little soldier doesn’t want to stand up anymore. Fearful that he’ll never get an erection again, he goes to work and mourns his short and lonely sex life. To his surprise, though, while working the bar, he runs into the very man who put him into this predicament in the first place: Luke, the customer support guy with a sexy voice. Thankfully, all it takes is hearing that voice again to stir those feelings. Now that he knows exactly who this person is, Gabriel must do all he can to make that voice his.

Manga Review | Raveled Tightrope Knot by Ship Hita

Title: Raveled Tightrope Knot
Author: Ship Hita
Artist: Ship Hita

Natsuki has carried a torch for Haruomi since they were in high school together. Unfortunately, due to his own insecurities, Natsuki rejected Haruomi when Haruomi confessed to him, and from that point on, they never really spoke again. Years pass, and at a wedding, Natsuki runs into Haruomi. However, Haruomi is no longer the shy, nerdy kid he knew in high school. Instead, Haruomi has become alluring and hypersexual. He’s nothing like the innocent Haruomi he tried to protect by rejecting him all those years ago.

To make up for lost time and for his regret over rejecting Haruomi, Natsuki is determined to get close to Haruomi once again. Though Haruomi still cares for Natsuki, he’s no longer the shy and innocent boy. He’s got jealous lovers Natsuki has to contend with, plus Haruomi is quick to put up a wall between them. Can Natsuki win back a distrustful Haruomi’s heart? Or will a decision he made in high school ruin any chance he has with his long-lost love?

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