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Tag: Personal Posts

Posts about me, my life, and things I enjoy that don’t pertain to reviews or my writing.

Personal Post | Where I Read Manhwa, Manhua, and Manga

There are a million places to read manhwa, manhua, and manga, but only a few do so legally. The list I am about to provide is not comprehensive by any means, but any review I’ve posted for any manga, manhwa, or manhua more than likely came from one of these places. If you are ever interested in where I read something in a review, I have tags listed at the bottom of every post with the location where I read it. If it is not listed for some reason, don’t hesitate to ask. Please support creators and the official releases so we can continue to get the content we all love.

Personal Post | Music and Mood

Music is integral to my writing process, especially when writing romance scenes or anything emotional. Since I am predominately a romance writer, one would assume my playlist is probably mostly sweet love songs, but love isn’t always happy. In order to write a piece with tension and grounded in reality, I need to explore all aspects of love. Love can be painful, it can be happy, it can be unrequited, and it can be nonexistent, then there are also different types of love. There is the type of love one feels for a relative, love one may feel for oneself, and I like to conjure that through music. As such, my romance inspiration playlist is pretty varied in terms of genre, style, and even subject matter. Some pieces may not be a love song in the stereotypical sense. Some might say that my music choices are even more on the hate side of things, and I think that is important to consider for love as well since hate is often considered the antithesis of love. I say all this because I want to help encourage those who may also use music for their writing to consider all aspects of your…

Personal Post | My Husband

What better love story to talk about than my own? I have been with my partner Kaleb for eleven years as of writing this. We’ve been together since we were in high school; he was a sophomore (10th grade), and I was a junior (11th grade). We had known each other for much longer than that, though, having grown up in rural Alabama and going through the same elementary, middle, and high school system. We really didn’t grow close, though, until we took the same science course, the same band elective, and even rode the bus to school and back. We had science together first, so we would start every day together. He was quiet with hair that covered his forehead and the tops of his eyes. He was immature, for sure, but what teenage boy isn’t? I was initially pretty turned off by him because I found his friends detestable. They were loud and enjoyed being the center of attention. They naturally pulled in the other boys of the class and often were the source of all the mischief. It wasn’t until near the end of the day when we had our band elective that I got to know…

Personal Post | Goals for the Year 2022

I really want to make more of an effort for myself this year to go into things much more purposefully than I have been. I typically do things on a whim, especially with my writing. I’ve had pieces that I’ve worked on them on and off for years with the intention of one day finishing them, but this past year has put everything into perspective. I have had health issues throughout last year, and my sister had multiple strokes, so the concept of death and mortality took the forefront. I quickly realize that I am not young anymore. I don’t have the time that I used to. I want to achieve more before I die. I know that sounds exceptionally morbid and a bit cliche, but it is something that seems to have just dawned on me. I have decided to make more of an effort and be more productive this year. The first step is to publicly put out actionable goals for this year to hold myself accountable. As selfish as it sounds, I hope you all will also help keep me accountable, and I will do my best to do the same for you all. Please feel free…

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